The Science of Love

by A Capella Science

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In a stirring return to Queen in all its operatic glory, A Capella Science takes on "Somebody to Love"... with a literalist scientific twist of course! Can our hero find true love? Or can he only analyze its neurochemical properties?

From the YouTube video of the same name.



Show me
The science of love?

One look and my pupils they dilate
Sweat in my hands and my feet
(Autonomic response - oh medulla!)
My adrenal medulla's fired
(Fight or flight!)
But there ain't no enemy
My attraction's jacked up my adrenaline
Or it would, if had anybody LORD

Ooh somebody
Can anybody show me
The science of love?

We'll work (we'll work hard!)
Osculate in the night
Share enzymes and microbiomes
And we'll bond
(With vasopressin and)
Oxytocin, the attachment hormones
(From eye contact to orgasm)
Flowing out of our paraventricular
And supraoptic nuclei, LORD

Ooh somebody
Can anybody show me
The science of love?

Every day
My drives of biology cry
An evolutionary hand-me-down
That says "go make babies"
It says you gotta propagate your DNA
Oh attract the other sex
Combine gametes and raise progeny
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)

*guitar solo*

Ooh somebody
Ooh, can anybody show me
The science of love

(Anybody show me the science of love)

Fill up my nucleus accumbens
Come flood me with sweet dopamine
(From the ventral tegmentum)
I'm okay I'm alright
(He's alright he's alright)
My amygdalae made serene
See I've done all the requisite reading now
And someday I'll test the theory LORD

Show me the science of love


released January 31, 2016
Copyright 2016 Tim Blais and A Capella Science
Original music by Queen


all rights reserved



Timblais Montreal, Québec

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